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We believe that when you mix a passion for business, software and innovation, good things happen. Sinov8 is a software development company focused on helping clients succeed by providing innovative solutions to business problems. We appreciate our clients and believe that they deserve the best. Our unique client partnering model and focus on excellence empowers our clients to address business challenges efficiently. While we may look like a traditional software startup working from a garage you'll quickly find that we are far from that. We will be the most trusted council for technology innovation in your business.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Problem Solving

Our core business is solving problems and optimizing processes. We seek first to understand your need and then look at possible solutions that will work for you, your budget and your time frame.

Software Development

Everyone on our team knows their craft inside out. What is more, we can build web apps, mobile apps, backend systems, slack bots, aws functions, marketing websites and everything else you might need for your project to be successful.

Business direction

We don't just think about code. Everything we do and develop is tailored to your business needs and our team always focuses on your company's business priorities. Sometimes you just need someone to listen and we'll do that too.

  • Product Specialists

    Small in number, yet wise in years. We've launched a couple of products ourselves and know exactly what it takes to go from idea to market leader.

    Our Maintenance & Inspection solution, RedRabbit, is one of the market leaders in the proptech space with more than 200 real estate agencies in South Africa already using it! further helps companies in the rental game by providing the complete A-Z rental business solution as a software system.

  • Innovation Hub

    "Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs." ~Bill Gates

    Sinov8 offers early stage startups and businesses incubation support by providing them with access to resources and expertise not usually available or affordable to small companies.

    We look to form strategic, lasting partnerships and alliances by making ourselves and our resources available to other companies who is also asking 'why not'.

Our solutions


    Think smart about Property Inspections & Maintenance management with South Africa's only integrated inspection and maintenance management platform. is a functional property rental management solution developed by team with years of experience in the property industry themselves.

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    Custom Solutions

    We've developed a variety of systems, from management systems for amazing non-profits such as CTSB and IFTB to backend systems for business owners looking to expand like Anton from poolmedics.

We're a team family

Team Member

Hein Hanekom

If anyone can translate your words into code it's this guy. He does it all, and does it at 100%. Some say it's unfair cause he seems to get 28 hours a day while the rest of us have to deal with 24.

Team Member

Pierre Hanekom

Experienced in the art of systems engineering and project management. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and that the page is delivered on time.

Team Member

Werner Hanekom

You'll find him by the coffee machine on the rare occasion he emerges from the zone. Always ready to throw code towards new challenges and makes a mean Aeropress.

Team Member

Shereen Snodgrass

Wow. What a team player and super skilled in the art of communication. Don't want to buy our software? Talk to Shereen... you'll wanna buy it. Trust me.

Team Member

Marli Bouwer

Our latest addition, and boy what a superstar she is. If you need support she's your go-to. #You'veBeenSupported #VoipDrop

Team Member


You're one of the best software engineers there is and we don't know how we've managed without you. You're keen to learn and eager to contribute.

Drop us a line

We're a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for software, business and bringing those two together. Feel free to contact us if you want to have a chat about what we can do for or with you. Or if you just want to join us in discussion about how software is changing the world.


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